26 Science And Technology Quiz

How you ride the wave of change is what will matter most in the coming year. Many insurers are taking bold steps to capitalize on structural changes in the marketplace, technology trends and evolving customer behaviors. Where do you stand?

  • Is your business model business as usual?
  • Have your operations become digital or are they still largely analog?
  • Can you provide the kinds of new products and services your customers want?

A common theme has emerged: To effectively transform your business, you’ll need to make more than just fragmented business line or functional investments. Although an effective strategy will include “quick wins” in specific areas, ultimate success requires an enterprise-wide focus.

26 Science And Technology Quiz

Quiz 26 : વિજ્ઞાન અને ટેકલોનોજી

Ques :- 20

Time :- No Time Limit

Science And Technology Quiz

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