35 Talati Mantri Special Quiz 1

Talati Mantri Special Quiz 1

35 Talati Mix Test 1

Quiz 35: Talati Mix Test 1

Ques :- 20

Time :- No Time Limit

Starting from 2000 until today, the American insurance market has been relentlessly growing, reporting a 110% progression. At the same time and for the same period, the Chinase insurance industry achieved a growth of 2708%.

It is important to mention, however, that China started out very low, hence this outstanding growth rate.

The domination of the United States over the global insurance market has gathered momentum during 2000-2017 period. The American underwriting share rose from 25% of the global premiums in 2000 to 27.7% by the end of 2017.

This percentage remained more or less stable in the course of the past five years, swinging between 26 and 27%.

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