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Random Gk Questions – Competitive Exam GK Article

Q. Which elderly Gujarati got the name of grandfather of the country?

     - Dadabhai Navroji

Q. Who founded the Hindu Mahasabha?

      - Madan Mohan Malviya

Q. Which king planted the trees on both sides of the road?

       - Sher Shah Suri

Q. What was the real name of Birbal?

        - Maheshdash

Q. What is the real name of Tulsidas?

         - Shambola Dubey

Q. Which Mughal king was known for his justice?

          - Jahangir

Q. What does the name Jahangir mean?

           - Conqueror of the world

Q. Who was the king known as the drinker of the waters of the three seas

            - Gautamiputrashatkan:

Q. Who was the founder of the first blind school in Gujarat?

          - Nilkantharai Chhatrapati

Q. Who started the public Ganesh Mahotsav?

           - Balgangadhar Tilak

Q. Which place is known as the tapobhumi of yogis?

            - Dhiranodhar Dungar

Q. Which essay was first written by the poet Dalpataram?

              - Ghost essay

Q. By what other name is the slave dynasty known?

               - Mamluk (Ilbari)

Q. The original name of Mohammad bin Tughlaq?

                - Jonah Khan

Q. Which Sultan is famous for his eccentric schemes?

                - Mohammad Tughlaq

Q. Who was the first Indian civil servant?

               - Satyendranath Tagore

Q. Who is called the father of Indian Civil Service?

               - Load Convolis

Tombs of political greats – Competitive Exam GK Article

-> Rajghat – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
-> Vijaya Ghat – Lal Bahadur Shastri
-> Narmada Ghat – Chimanbhai Patel
-> Abhay Ghat – Morarji Desai
-> Kisanghat – Chaudhary Charan Singh
-> Ekta Sthal – Gnani Zail Singh
-> Narayan Ghat – Gulzarilal Nanda
-> Samata Sthal – Jagjivanram

Random Short Gk Questions – Competitive Exam GK Article

-> Quick Silver Metal: Mercury

-> Consumer Protection Act implementation: 18

-> Nataraja’s bronze idol is a specimen of which art: rice

-> India’s longest Mahatma Gandhi Bridge: Patna

-> Arab League Headquarters: Cairo

-> Balur Math: Kolkata

-> Where is the Indian Research Station Himadvi: Arctic

-> Motibagh Stadium: Vadodara

-> Father of Bhagol: Erestothnys

-> Who says Golden Gate: San Francisco

-> Ten largest nuclear power reactors: Tarapur

-> DNA detection: 150

-> City known as the world’s slaughterhouse: Chicago

-> Yadavendra Stadium: Patiala

-> Where is Oxford University: England

-> Gujarat Sangeet Natak Nritya Academy: Gandhinagar

-> 21st Century Taj Mahal: Birla Temple

-> Where is Laxman Zula located: Rishikesh

-> Queens of Heels: Mussoorie

-> Masala Research Station: Jagudan

-> Where are the Patronus Twin Towers: Malaysia

-> Sindhi Sahitya Akademi: Gandhinagar

-> Where is the temple of Kanchipuram: Chennai

-> Scotland: Meghalaya

-> Southern Britain: New Zealand

-> Country with the most islands: Indonesia

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Random Gk Questions Part – 2

-> Who gave Akshaypatra to Panchali in Mahabharata?
Ans – Sun.

According to Hindu mythology, who married Vishwakarma’s daughter Sanja?
Ans – Sun.

According to Hindu mythology, who killed his mother at the behest of his father?
Ans – Parashuram

-> What was the name of Iravan’s father in Mahabharata?
Ans – Arjun

-> Find a word for the male phrase whose wife has died?
Ans – Uighur

-> What kind of evidence cannot be cross-examined?
Ans – Evidence heard by ear

-> What is the provision in the Indian Penal Code when someone commits a crime of unstable mind?
Ans – Crime does not occur

Rana Ratan Singh fought with which Sultan of Delhi?
Ans – Alauddin Khilji

-> Poet Faizi was a dear friend of which Indian emperor?
Ans – Akbar

-> Who won the first 20-20 World Cup?
Ans – India

-> In the region of Narmada bank, why do men dance on long sticks with one end of the stick tied in their hands?
Ans – Leading dance

Rasiklal Parikh’s play ‘Shervilak’ is based on which Sanskrit play?
Ans – Mrichchaktikam

Who is the author of the book ‘Lok Sanskrit Darshan of Kutch’?
Ans – Rathod Ramsinh

-> Gujarat Government is implementing a scheme to provide uninterrupted and quality power supply to farmers?
Ans – Khushi Yojana

In which play did Mrinalini Sarabhai become the first woman to become a hero?
Ans – Kathakali

-> Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has been established under which Central Act?
Ans – Water (Pollution Prevention and Control) Act, 1974

-> Who was the one who at one time remained his ally with Mahatma Gandhi who separated and started a radical transformational self-respect movement?
Ans – Ramaswami Naikar

-> Who recommends MSP for various crops in the agricultural sector?
Ans – Agricultural Expenditure and Price Commission

-> India’s nuclear reactor is made with indigenous technology.
Ans – Kalpakkam

-> Under whose direct supervision and control does the Secretariat of Lok Sabha function?
Ans – Speaker

Competitive Exam GK Article

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