Bolkar App: Indian Audio Question Answer | GK App Download

Bolkar App: Indian Audio Question Answer | GK App Download

Looking for an app to interact in your mother tongue, upgrade knowledge and that too through your own voice? 🤩

Why Bolkar App is an amazing app to have on your phone?💡

On Independence day, Google Play Store featured Bolkar App as the No.1 App catering to local languages in India. 🌟🌟

Bolkar App was chosen by as the Best App For Personal Growth in the Users’ Choice Awards, 2020 by Google Play 🏆🏆

NavBharat Times, a popular newspaper featured the Bolkar App in their #AatmaNirbhar Series. 🌟🌟

What is the app all about? 🤔

Bolkar App is An Audio-Based(Question and Answer) Knowledge-Sharing Platform Where You Can Ask And Answer Questions Easily Through Your Voice In Your Local Language. 😬

In short, it’s an Indian Audio Question and Answer App for the next 500 million Indian Internet users who want to use internet in their regional language/mother tongue. 😇

What Exciting Things You Can Do On Bolkar App🤩:

As a Questioner:

🌟Ask Your Queries through Hindi (or Bengali) voice typing keyboard (you can ask questions publically or anonymously).
🌟Follow those questions you’d like to hear answers to.
🌟Know people’s opinion on a certain issue.

As an Answerer:

✅Give Detailed and Interesting Answers.
✅Share your opinion on a recent happening.
✅Interact in your Mother Tongue.
✅Help and get Help.
✅Increase popularity among Indian audience.
✅Increase your following.
✅Become A Top Speaker and unlock exclusive privileges.

As a Listener:

✅Listen to Detailed Answers.
✅Stay Updated with New Happenings.
✅Stay Updated with Current Affairs in Hindi and Bengali.
✅Have a Daily dose of entertainment and knowledge through Online FM and Live News.

As a Bolkar App User,

🌟You Can Interact with People from All Over India and find People from your own region.

Languages: Bolkar (pronounced as Bolkr) App doesn’t work in English language, it is an Indian app currently working in Hindi and Bengali languages only to expand in other Indian languages in near future. 🙃
Categories On Bolkar App✨:

Bolkar App has various categories for useful information like
✨General Knowledge(सामान्य ज्ञान)
✨History (इतिहास)
✨International Affairs (अंतराष्ट्रीय)
✨Banking and Finance (बैंक और वित्तीय)
✨Journalism (पत्रकारिता)
✨Religion and Astrology(धर्म और ज्योतिषी)
✨Movies (फ़िल्में)
✨Science (विज्ञान)
✨Technology (टेक्नोलॉजी)
✨Agriculture (खेती-बाड़ी)
✨Literature (साहित्य)
✨Music (संगीत)
✨Relationships (रिश्ते और संबंध)
✨Food (खाना-खज़ाना)
✨Lifestyle (जीवन शैली)
✨Health and Yoga(स्वास्थ्य और योग)
✨Riddles(पहेलियाँ), etc

To Summarise,

Have A Ques? Ask through Hindi/Bengali voice typing. ✅
Want to Give an Answer? Tell your audio answers in Hindi/Bengali. ✅
Listen To Answers and upgrade your knowledge. ✅

(Pro tip: Very Useful App if you’re preparing for government exams like UPSC, BANKING, SSC CGL, etc)

Indians use Bolkar daily to listen to high-quality audio answers from our Top Speakers who are specialised in their particular fields. 😃

With the huge support from Indians, We are growing every day, trying to expand the Bolkar App in every Indian Language, possible. 🙏

Feel proud as it’s your app, an app Made in India and Made For India 🤩.

Have any more queries or issues? Feel free to reach us at (your precious feedback matters to us) 🤗🙏

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