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Current Affairs 21 March One Liner

Q. 1). Ram Swaroop Sharma died in March 2021. He was a BJP MP from which state?
Ans: – Himachal Pradesh

Q. 2). Which company’s corona vaccine has recently started testing on children?
Ans: – Modern

Q. 3). Which country has decided to rename the Ministry of Information as the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?
Answer: – Bangladesh

Q. 4). Parliamentary committee recommends to the government to reduce the age of juvenile from 18 years under Poxo Act.
Answer: – 16 years

Q. 5). Which Prime Minister informed that the country has entered the third wave of Kovid-19 epidemic?
Answer: – France

Q. 6). Which organization has recently become the first in the world to achieve 100% success in catching Cushing’s Syndrome?
Ans: – PGI of Chandigarh. Organization

Q. 7). In which city was the India-Bangladesh Water Resources Secretary level meeting held in March 2021 under the auspices of the Joint River Commission JRC?
Ans: New Delhi

Q. 8). Who inaugurated the 11th edition of India Chem-2021 in March 2021?
Ans: – Sadanand Gowda

Q. 9). Recently, the Home Ministry has directed Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and which other states to curb illegal flows from Myanmar to India.
Ans: – Arunachal Pradesh

Q. 10). Which longest artillery system was destroyed by Indian Army in March 2021?
Ans: – 130 mm self-propelled M-46 cutout gun and 160 mm Tempella mortar

Q. 11). When is Ordnance Factory Day celebrated?
Ans: – 18th March

Q. 12). Who won a gold medal in the women’s 100m at the 24th Federation Cup Senior Athletics Championships in Patiala
Answer: – Dhanalakshmi

Q. 13). In which state was the Vanvasi Samagam held recently?
Answer: – Uttar Pradesh

Q. 14). Which science fiction film has won 4 awards at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival?
Answer: – Maini

Q. 15). Who has been appointed as the Director General of National Security Guard?
Answer: – M. a. Ganapati

Q. 16). Who has been appointed as the new Commissioner of Police by the Government of Maharashtra replacing Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh?
Ans: – Hemant Nagrale

Q. 17). According to World Air Quality 2020 report, who has become the most polluted capital in the world?
Ans: – Delhi

Q. 18). Which city’s actor Adarsh ​​Gaurav’s film “The White Tiger” has been nominated for an Oscar?
Answer: – Jamshedpur

Q. 19). Which state government has recently decided to plant seabuckthorn in the cold desert areas of the state?
Ans: – Himachal Pradesh

Q. 20). In the third T20I against India, Eoin Morgan became the first England player to play in how many T20I matches?
Answer: – 100 matches

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Current Affairs 21 March MCQ

Q. 1). When was the recent United Nations French Language Day celebrated?
A. 18 March
B. 20 March
C. 19 March
D. None of these
Answer: – B. March 20

Q. 2). On which Indian river is the world’s tallest arch bridge being constructed recently?
A. Ganga river
B. Yamuna river
C. Chenab River
D. None of these
Ans: – C. Chenab river

Q. 3). Which bank has recently set up a subsidiary to run its credit card business?
B. P.N.B.
C. HDFC Bank
D. None of these
Answer: – B. PNB.

Q. 4). More recently, the ‘high-level U.S. Where did the China meeting start?
A. Washington DC
B. Beijing
C. Alaska
D. None of these
Answer: – C. Alaska

Q. 5). India and which country recently announced the formation of a joint commission to strengthen bilateral relations?
A. Japan
B. quiet
C. Australia
D. None of these
Answer: – B. Quiet

Q. 6). According to a recent report, what is the percentage increase in forest area of ​​India?
A. 26.41%
B. 24.56%
C. 25.18%
D. None of these
Answer: – B. 24.56%

Q. 7). Mark Rutte has recently become the Prime Minister of which country for the fourth time?
A. Austria
B. Slovenia
C. The Netherlands
D. None of these
Answer: – C. Netherlands

Q. 8). Recently, the Shamlaji Vishnu Temple Trust, a popular religious site in which state, has banned the wearing of small clothes?
A. Haryana
B. Gujarat
C. Maharashtra
D. None of these
Answer: – B. Gujarat

Q. 9). According to the recently released World Happiness Report, who is the happiest country in the world?
A. New Zealand
B. Denmark
C. Finland
D. None of these
Answer: – C. Finland

Q. 10). Who has recently won the 11th Women’s National Hockey Championship?
A. Maharashtra
B. Haryana
C. Jharkhand
D. None of these
Answer: – B. Haryana

Q. 11). Who has recently been appointed as its brand ambassador by Neogroth Company?
A. Virat Kohli
B. Rohit Sharma
C. Ajinkya Rahane
D. None of these
Answer: – C. Ajinkya Rahane

Q. 12). In which country has India recently celebrated Independence Day India 75 at its embassy?
A. Bangladesh
B. South Korea
C. Singapore
D. None of these
Answer: – B. South Korea

Q. 13). Who is the second Indian to score 9000 T-20 runs recently?
A. Shikhar Dhawan
B. Virat Kohli
C. Rohit Sharma
D. None of these
Answer: – C. Rohit Sharma

Q. 14). Who is the youngest Indian to reach the quarter finals of the All India Badminton Tournament recently?
A. Sanjay Kumar
B. losers of love
C. Mr. Kant Kidambi
D. None of these
Answer: – B. Losers of love

Q. 15). According to a recent report by UNCTAD, at what rate will India’s GDP grow in 2021?
A. 05%
B. 7.9%
C. 8.4%
D. None of these
Answer: – A. 05%

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