Easily Download Covid Vaccination Certificate Via Whatsapp – 2022

Easily Download Covid Vaccination Certificate Via Whatsapp

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Hello readers! today we share new tips to download COVID-19 Vaccine certificate on via WhatsApp 2021. So please read carefully this article and apply on your smartphone. MyGov helpdesk, which is managed by the central government on WhatsApp has come up with a new feature that will allow users to download the COVID-19 vaccine directly from the massaging platform.

Small steps to Download Covid Vaccination Certificate Via Whatsapp

  • Add the number 90131 51515 to your phone contact. Name MyGov Corona Helpdesk. 
  • Go to WhatsApp and find this contact From Your Contacts 
  • Write Hi and send It.
  • List Will Appear Select Download certificate option then send preferred number.
  • OTP will be sent to your registered mobile immediately. 
  • Give this OTP in WhatsApp. 
  • There will be a list of all the members registered on your mobile. 
  • Send the member’s number to the certificate you want. 
  • The certificate will come.
Download Covid Vaccination Certificate Via Whatsapp

Covid Vaccination Certificate Downloaded Via WhatsApp

Vaccination certificates could be downloaded via Whatsapp, it was confirmed yesterday after some confusion over why the Government had decided to provide the service on the messaging platform, rather than on its own website. Health minister Chris Fearne said all schoolchildren between six and 15 years old should be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella and the certificate issued by their doctor or local health centre will be sent to parents via WhatsApp. Certificates can also be downloaded on the ministry’s website but we want to encourage parents to do so via WhatsApp as it will save us money, he said.


The government has released Covid Vaccination Certificates to citizens who want it downloaded via their mobile phones. The idea behind it is that people no longer have to wait in line at crowded vaccination centers and can now simply walk into a hospital, present their phone to a doctor and get vaccinated right there. Many nations already allow for e-certificates for vaccines, but now even developing countries like our own are doing so as well.

How to use covid app

You need a smart phone and you have to download covid app in your mobile through play store or Android store. After downloading follow below instructions.

Upload vaccination card to covid

Covid has created a technological advancement in Pakistan to help you download your vaccination certificate directly from your doctor’s office. No more need to go all over town, fill out forms and wait in long lines; just take a picture of your vaccination card with Covid’s app and let them worry about everything else. Just make sure that you have 2 megapixels on your camera or phone. If not, then we advise you to change your phone.

Get your vaccines updated online in this way!

Doctors can now write vaccination certificates, which patients can then forward via their smartphones to their employers and others who need proof of immunization. The goal is to reduce wait times for vaccinations by allowing people to get them quickly from doctors’ offices instead of having to go through separate processes at public health clinics. Employers will then be able to file a request for a specific certificate on behalf of an employee and receive it as a PDF via email in just four days—down from up to 21 days previously.

Covid FAQs

Is there any alternative to Covid? Yes, it is a very good app and helps you in many ways. I had downloaded it on my phone and I really liked using it as its interface is so cool and easy to use. I can’t imagine that there would be any other app that would be as useful as covid for me. So yes, in my opinion Covid is really an amazing app which can save your time and money in future.

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