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By | July 16, 2021
Gujarat Pakshik

Gujarat Pakshik (Paxik) PDF

In Gujarat Pakshik(paxik) You can all The details of previous 15 days government new launched scheme And Much More. ,Government Publish any disaster information, what government doing for taking action to prevent disaster and many more things like this I Gujarat Pakshik.

Gujarat Pakshik(paxik) have articles on various interesting topics in Gujarat fortnightly. In Pakshik Education, health, public services, agriculture, employment and everything is mentioned in simple language so that people can understand very easily and Because it is for Gujarat so that pakshik was in gujarati language.

Pakshik is Extremely useful for all those aspirants who is preparing For Gujarat Government jobs Like GPSC, Binsachivalay, Clerk, Talati, Revenue, PGVCL, DGVCL, UGVCL, MGVCL and all class 3 exmas. because in current affairs section this all schemes and information are Very Useful.

About Gujarat Pakshik Magazine :

Editor of gujarat pakshik : Ashok Kalaria, Minesh Trivedi
Co-Editor of gujarat pakshik : Arvind Patel
Executive Editor of gujarat pakshik : Pulak Trivedi
Vice-Editor of gujarat pakshik : Parimal Desai
Co-producer of gujarat pakshik : Devang Mewada, Harshad Rupapara
Art-Director of gujarat pakshik : Jasmin Dave
Distributorof gujarat pakshik : Jayesh Dave, Ishwar Thakor

Gujarat Paxik Useful In gpsc,upsc, gsssb, psssb, talati, junior clerk, bin sachivalay, tet,tat, htat, talati, revenue, constable, psi,asi and all gujarat jobs.

Why we made this post Because if you visit official site many times its down so we are here to provide you best so that you can save your time and invest them in reading

Gujarat Paxik ( Pakshik ) PDF 2020 Download

In Below list You Can Find All Gujarat Pakshik of Year 2020 For Downloading

Issue DateGujarat Pakshik PDF Issue (Ank)Paxik Download Link
16/12/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 24Download Now
01/12/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 23Download Now
16/11/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 21-22Download Now
16/10/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 20Download Now
01/10/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 19Download Now
16/09/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 18Download Now
01/09/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 17Download Now
16/08/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 16Download Now
01/08/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 15Download Now
16/07/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 14Download Now
01/07/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 13Download Now
16/06/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 12Download Now
01/06/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 11Download Now
16/05/202Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 10Download Now
01/05/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 09Download Now
16/04/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 08Download Now
01/04/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 07Download Now
16/03/2020Gujarat Paxik(Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 06Download Now
01/03/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 05Download Now
16/02/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 04Download Now
01/02/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 03Download Now
16/01/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 02Download Now
01/01/2020Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2020 Issue: 01Download Now

Gujarat Pakshik online registration

As Of Now On july 2021 Gujarat Pakshik Online Registration is not possible if you want gujarat pakshik at your home then you need to pay little amount in information commissioner office at your district. after paying fees then from next month you will get gujarat pakshik at your home

The Magazine of Gujarat Pakshik, will be extremely useful for the students who preparing for the competitive exam’s.

Gujarat Paxik 2022 PDF Download Is available Below This Post you can go there and directly Download.

Gujarat Pakshik PDF 2021 Download

Issue DateGujarat Pakshik PDF Issue (Ank)Paxik Download Link
31/12/2021 Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 23-24Not Published
01/11/2021 Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 21-22 Download Now
16/10/2021 Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 20 Download Now
01/10/2021 Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 19 Download Now
16/09/2021 Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 18Download Now
01/09/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 17Download Now
15/08/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 16Download Now
01/08/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 15Download Now
16/07/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 14Download Now
01/07/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 13Download Now
16/06/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 12Download Now
01/06/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 11Download Now
16/05/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 10Download Now
01/05/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 09Download Now
16/04/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 08Download Now
01/04/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 07Download Now
16/03/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 06Download Now
01/03/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 05Not Published
16/02/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 04Not Published
01/02/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 03Not Published
16/01/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 02Download Now
01/01/2021Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2021 Issue: 01Download Now

Gujarat Pakshik PDF 2022 Download

Issue Date Gujarat Pakshik PDF Issue (Ank) Paxik Download Link
01/01/2022Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2022 Issue: 01Download Now
20/01/2022Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2022 Issue: 02Download Now
01/02/2022Gujarat Paxik (Pakshik) 2022 Issue: 03Download Now

Why Some Time Gujarat Pakshik Was Not Pubished

Many Times You Notices that Gujarat pakshik was not published its because of election when election date declare Gujarat government can publish Gujarat pakshik because it contains recent government scheme that will promote recent government so that election commission give instruction to not public Gujarat pakshik till election date

Free PDF Materials :- Click Here

All Files Are Downloaded From Gujarat Information server. Gujarat Information Department is preparing this pdf for promoting gujarat government works and scheme so that people can easily take benefits of it very easily .

As Per our View Gujarat paxik have important role in any government exams because as per our analysis we found many question from pakshik was come from pakshik . so If you are preparing for any gujarat government exam then you need to check out this page every 15 days for New Updated Gujarat Paxik and many important materials.

One Important Thing to note is when election commission of india declare elections in Gujarat after that Gujarat paxik is not publish till new government take charge because it rule of election in all over the india all website containing promotional things of government will not be update till results declare in that perticular state so that government cant promote there party using government media

Gujarat is The state where every month there will be new government exams conducted and many scheme are launched so if you are reading this all ank it will be very useful for you to prepare and also in regular life because we all are taking benefits of government scheme .

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Gujarat Pakshik

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