Best Competitive Exam GK Article – 1

Random Gk Questions – Competitive Exam GK Article Q. Which elderly Gujarati got the name of grandfather of the country? Q. Who founded the Hindu Mahasabha? Q. Which king planted the trees on both sides of the road? Q. What was the real name of Birbal? Q. What is the real name of Tulsidas? Q. Which Mughal king… Read More »

Current affairs 18 March 2021 – Top & Best News

Current Affairs One Liner 18/03/2021 Name the torch that went on a journey with the torch on the occasion of the golden jubilee of the war victory against Pakistan?Answer – Golden Victory Year Torch Chinar Day is celebrated in which state?Answer – Jammu and Kashmir 3. Who became the highest wicket-taker for India in T20I?Answer – Yajuvendra Chahal… Read More »

Current Affairs 17 March 2021 – Top & Best News

Current Affairs One Liner 17/03/2021 Q. 1). Scientists from which country have recently put the telescope under water for the first time?Answer: – Russia Q. 2). Where is Almaty International Airport located?Answer: – Kazakhstan Q. 3). Which former captain of Indian cricket team was included as a member of Indian Professional Golf Tour (PGTI) Board?Answer: – Kapil Dev… Read More »