Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment – 2022 – Notification, syllabus , Vacancies, Materials, Old Exam Paper, Course – Best And Top Post Ever

Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment – 2022

Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment – 2022 – A talati cum mantri vacancy means an opening has been created at the government level, and either an additional person needs to be appointed to fill it or the remaining positions will now be filled by two instead of one. If you want to learn more about talati cum mantri vacancies, keep reading this post!

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Talati Cum Mantri salary?

The salary for a Talati-cum-Mantri is Rs 19950 per month for first 5 years and then can go up depending on other allowances. These allowances include conveyance allowance, house rent allowance (HRA), etc. The total amount of emoluments—i.e., basic salary + all allowances—can add up to Rs 80,000 per month or more. In addition, depending on his/her seniority, perks such as tour allowance and foreign visits are also available.

Talati Cum Mantri 2022 Notification Download

Talati Cum Mantri Notification :- Download Now

Talati Cum Mantri 2022 Syllabus ( Course ) Download

Subject Marks
General Awareness and General Knowledge 50 Marks
Gujarati language and grammar20 Marks
English Language And Grammar20 Marks
General Mathematics10 Marks
*“General Awareness and General Knowledge” include questions related to –
General Mental Ability and General Intelligence.
History of India and History of Gujarat.
Cultural heritage of India and Gujarat.
Geography of India and Geography of Gujarat
S. Sports.
Indian Polity and the Constitution of India.
7, Panchayati Raj.
Welfare schemes of Gujarat State and Union Government.
Indian Economy and Planning.
General Science, Environment and Information & Communication Technology.
Current affairs of Regional, National and International Importance.
NOTE: The question papers shall be of objective type MCQs(multiple choice questions).
As Above

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Talati Cum Mantri 2022 Vacancies

Total Vacancies :- 3437 As Per Notification this can be changes before exam

Talati Cum Mantri 2022 Education Qualification

A Candidate With Minimum 12 Pass Can Apply for talati cum mantri

Talati Cum Mantri 2022 Age Limit

A Candidate With Maximum 36 Year Age can apply for talati cum mantri.

Women Candidate have 5 Year More Age Relaxation and Other age relaxation as per caste category table available below

Talati Cum Mantri 2022 PDF Materials Download

Subject Name Download Link
Angel Academy All Subject PDF MaterialsDownload Now
Gujarati Vyakran Grammar PDF MaterialDownload Now
Gujarati Sahitya PDF MaterialDownload Now

Talati Cum Mantri Apply Online

Apply OnLine :- Click Here to Apply

What all do I get in this job?

Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment – 2022 – Whether you’re looking for a job in Gujarat or anywhere else, there are various perks and benefits that come with any government job. In fact, all government jobs have some kind of special salary package which usually includes medical, housing and travel allowance. While each position has its own eligibility criteria, getting a government job means your education will definitely not go to waste. Moreover, you don’t need to spend hours doing research on your own; here’s everything you need to know about Talati cum Mantri vacancies – starting with pay scales and other benefits.

Is the government pay better than private sector?

Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment – 2022 – There’s no doubt that government jobs look attractive when compared with salaries in a private organization. However, most government jobs require long working hours and strict accountability. This may be fine for some but not all people. A government job is probably right for you if you are single, have little debt and don’t have any children who need your support. It is also ideal if you can secure a position that does not require physical presence (say, in finance or accounting) because it may allow you to work from home occasionally as well as work odd hours on occasions without much problem.

Where can I apply for Talati Cum Mantri Jobs?

Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment – 2022 – Talati cum Mantri Jobs in all states of India can be searched by using google, yahoo or any other search engine. Just type in your location and then Talati cum Mantri jobs. But if you are looking for Sarkari Naukari in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi etc. then use Sarkari Recruitment section of Careers360 website.

Are there any exams I need to give before applying?

Depending on your state and city, you might need to give an exam in order to apply for Talati cum Mantri positions. This is true if you’re applying in Gujarat or Rajasthan, so double-check before you apply. For example, if you’re living in Ahmedabad and looking for a job there as a Talati cum Mantri, then yes—you’ll probably need to take an exam. In other cities like Surat or Jaipur though? No testing is required. Check out our guide on Talati cum Mantri jobs in India and make sure you’re comfortable with your options before starting down any official career path as a new employee.

How long does it take to get selected as a Talati cum Mantri employee?

Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment – 2022 – Being selected as a Talati cum Mantri employee is a long, tedious process. The first step is submitting your application form. Candidates must fill out multiple forms, requiring personal information and skill sets. After submitting your forms you will be tested, and if you pass you will be put on an eligibility list for your location. If there are no openings in your area or if you do not make it past initial screening, then you will be placed on a reserve list of candidates for future positions.

What are the age limits for this job?

The upper age limit for Talati and Mantri jobs is 40 years. There is no lower age limit specified, however, candidates are expected to be physically fit and mentally alert. This will ensure they can efficiently perform their duties without causing a hazard to themselves or others. In reality, given that women in India have an average life expectancy of 67 years, most candidates would need at least 15-20 years experience in order to work as a Talati cum Mantri. This high minimum age requirement makes it near impossible for most people with families or dependent children to hold such positions which may be one reason why there is currently only one woman talatimantri in India today.

Do I need any pre-requisites for getting selected for this job?

There are no pre-requisites as such, but there are a few things you need to do: Get your state level certificates done. Practice law with lawyers and clerks. Learn computer skills. Improve your communication skills and learn English and one more regional language. Get involved in social work, become a social worker or volunteer at an NGO in your spare time. That’s pretty much it! Good luck getting selected for these prestigious jobs!

Where can I prepare myself for these exams, if required?

There are a number of institutions offering coaching for these exams. Candidates should choose their coaching institutions wisely and make sure that they have ample experience in helping candidates prepare for government jobs such as talati cum mantri posts. The best way to get recommendations is from your friends or relatives who may have already taken up these services. They can be an excellent source of information when it comes to preparation for government jobs and often, your network can help you avoid joining a bad institute which takes a hefty amount from students with no guarantee of success.

Talati Cum Mantri Recruitment - 2022

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